Get to Know Soshinism


Hello. Hai. Hej.

Mutia imnida. Soshinism is my pen name and I was born a day after Sunny’s born date, not gonna say the exact year, but it was in the 90’s. How about you guys?

Hmm, how do I say it. I can’t say that I’m an author for I haven’t even published a book or something similar. But I love to write, I love writing since I went deep into K-Pop fanfiction world, it was about seven years ago. Sejak saat itu saya menjadi seorang maniak nulis cerita, yang pasti semuanya imaginer dan delusional. But what can I do for I have longed for Sooyoung-pairing to be together? Until, she decided to date that guy whose name I forgot already. I support her on everything she does though.

Saat ini saya sedang menempuh pendidikan tinggi di salah satu universitas negeri di Indonesia, and I am a slave for a jurusan yang kerjaannya ngurusin desain bangunan. And I am very jeongmal sorry if for some times I’ll be gone, it’s because the deadly tugas kuliah, but don’t worry, I’ll never leave this shelter for my imagination to be empty.

And the last, I want to say thank you, gamsahamnida, danke, arigatou gozaimasu, gracias, danke, atau apapun yang berarti sebuah ucapan terima kasih karena sudah berlelah-lelah make a visit to my shelter, and even read my stories, I really am thank you. I think that’s all.

Thankie and hasta la vista!

Soshinism’s out.

Contact me: @syoongie or my email


4 thoughts on “Get to Know Soshinism”

  1. hello saeng ^^ ini pertama kalinya aku mampir kesini ^^ salam kenal ya~ aku hika, 97-line, Sehun Sooyoung biased, EXOSTAN and SMSTAN. Aku juga author di SFI 🙂

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